"I cannot say enough good things about Food + Mood NYC! Best health coaches out there! Tamara has introduced me to the top Acupuncturists, homeopaths, yoga classes, meditations and work outs that have put me in the best shape of my life- physically and mentally. Their restaurant recommendations are on point and make clean eating so easy! Have them come to your home and go through your kitchen cabinets! They will weed through all the unhealthy foods and will show what to replace everything with so you and your family can live the healthiest versions of yourselves. I promise you won't regret it!"

"Many moons ago, Tamara told me about acupuncture. Then some years later, I started paying attention to her knowledge on the physical and mental health benefits of meditation, as well as the valuable input naturopathy can provide. I am a healthier and more centered person as a result of these modalities, and truly thank Tamara for her influence."

"I truly don't know where I would be without Tamara. Let's begin 11 years ago when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and i took on the role of caretaker. That of course lead to so much stress and Tamara immediately stepped in. She introduced me to acupuncture  and meditation. Although I was feeling better it wasn't enough she suggested working on my nutrition recommending Dr. Weil. Needless to say it also helped my mom at the time. After my mom's passing I'm left with numerous questions and meaning. After listening to me within minutes she gave me a list of therapist, Louise, Marika and Lucia. Most importantly she lead me to an ear  specialist that discover my meningioma. Having all these therapies I was strong enough to battle my brain surgery with ease. One month after surgery I'm able to be up and around. Her love is felt in abundance you can't imagine. Thank you for being my special angel throughout my journey."